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Artistry and Empathy: The Growing Demand For Female Tattoo Artists

Updated: Feb 5

I get it. The industry has been male dominated since the beginning of time. In the vibrant world of tattoo artistry, the choice of an artist goes beyond mere aesthetics; it becomes a deeply personal decision shaped by various factors. Increasingly, women are seeking to adorn their bodies with meaningful ink are turning to a unique subset of the tattoo community – female tattoo artists in St. Louis.

Beyond the buzzing needles and vibrant pigments, there's a growing trend of women deliberately selecting female artists for their body art. Being comfortable while being tattooed is the most important aspect of the session. In my opinion, it makes ALL the difference in your relationship with your artist. In this exploration, we delve into the reasons why women are increasingly drawn to the skillful hands and creative minds of their fellow women in the tattoo industry.

Comfort and Empathy

Women might feel more comfortable with a female tattoo artist, especially when getting tattoos in more private or sensitive areas. As a female that wants to be tattooed by another female, I may better understand and empathize with the experiences and concerns of my female clients. I've had bad experiences being tattooed by men. We don't want to feel rushed. So what if we place the stencil 4-5 times? This is something on your body forever, and you should get EXACTLY what you want.

I Have an Understanding of Female Aesthetics

I always tell my clients, us as females don't want big gaudy lines on our bodies. ( Have you seen the little dots I put on my hands recently? LOL.. Occasionally, we only want something as small as it can possibly go.) Some women may believe that female tattoo artists have a better understanding of feminine aesthetics, designs, and styles. They may feel more confident in the my ability to capture their vision or create designs that resonate with their personal taste.

Creating a Safe Space

Women may choose female tattoo artists to create a safe and welcoming space. This choice could be influenced by a desire to avoid any potential discomfort or awkwardness that may arise with a male artist, especially during intimate tattoo sessions. We've taken pride in letting women feel comfortable in EVERY session, from boudoir to tattoo. No person should ever feels like they can't be who they are at our space.

Supporting Women in the Industry

Choosing a woman tattoo artist can be a way for women to support and empower other women in a historically male-dominated industry. It reflects a commitment to gender equality and encouraging diversity within the tattoo community. I feel like us as women were taught to shut up and say "thank you." This is most certainly not the case at my studio! I want women to feel heard, and understood. Some women may feel that female artists are more attuned to their communication style and preferences. I can enhance the overall experience, as effective communication is crucial in ensuring that your needs and expectations are met. Change your mind? Perfect, as long as the cartridge hasn't touched your skin, changing your tattoo is no issue!

We Have Many Shared Experiences

Female clients may appreciate the shared experiences and camaraderie that can come from working with a female artist. This sense of connection may contribute to a more positive and comfortable tattooing experience. We're moms *dog moms included!*, we work, some of us are single, or married- whatever your walk of life, we are in this sisterhood together.

While your individual experience may vary, choosing an artist that is right for you is a big decision. It takes time, and you want to be heard. You want someone that is committed to continuing to learn, and someone who is going to be there for you every step of the way. I want you to feel empowered through your tattoo!

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