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What Is Scalp Pigmentation?

Updated: Jan 27

I’ve been around people who have experienced hair loss my whole life. In 2018, I heard about a life changing procedure that I knew I needed to offer. I knew it would take a few steps to get there, but would be well worth it in the end.

As someone in the beauty industry who does permanent makeup, I wanted a way to be able to help EVERYONE love the skin they’re in. Even if it’s not your idea of everyday permanent makeup.

What is Scalp Pigmentation?

Scalp Pigmentation is the latest trending permanent makeup procedure. It’s for any person who is balding or has thinning hair. It’s the perfect procedure for anyone who is looking for a more full hairline.

How Does Scalp Pigmentation Work?

The first thing to know is that scalp pigmentation is not hair. This procedure is more like an eyebrow procedure, where multiple sessions will need to take place to achieve the desired dimension.

The pigmentation formation creates small dots that give the appearance of short and shaved scalp. This service is available for men and women of all ages!

(Pictured- Scar coverage of Scalp Pigmentation. Directly After VS Healed)

Ready to get started?

There are many different types of scalp pigmentation, and a comprehensive consultation is a must before starting any procedure.

If you're looking for scar coverage, a more conservative approach must be taken. Scar tissue is more likely to spread pigment than regular skin.

If you’re looking for density, or to blend a receding hairline, a multi session, densifying approach may be taken.

If you’ve had surgery, a slip Scalp Pigmentation can be life changing for those who are wanting to ditch the coverups, and wake up with confidence.

Click the button below to start the journey of loving your scalp today!

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